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The Harmony of Isis ~ Chosen as Goodreads group “Author Promo Co-op” Book of the Month: Historical Fiction!

Hello everyone!
I’m thrilled that my book, The Harmony of Isis, was chosen as the Book of the Month for Historical Fiction by the Goodreads “Author Promo Co-op” Group. If you enjoy digging your feet into ancient sands, this blend of history and fantasy will pull you in.

Museum curator Maggie learns, through a series of lucid dreams, the true story of Egyptian goddess Isis, her husband Osirius, and his wicked rival, Typhon. Maggie learns that she is a “harmony” chosen to help Isis reunite with Osirius. This time-jumping tale brings life to a long-neglected part of human history with a vivid and seamless window into the past.

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I hope you enjoy my story!
Catherine M. Walter

The Harmony of Isis is the Author Promo Co-op’s Historical Fiction Book of the Month!

This is so exciting! I’ve dropped the price of THE HARMONY OF ISIS from $4.99 to $2.99 for the month of May 2015. Enjoy!

My First Lecture on Ancient Egypt

On April 23, 2014, I gave my first lecture about ancient Egypt. The lecture outline was:

1. The ancient Egyptian creation myth, with relevant images projected on a screen.

2. An overview of ancient Egyptian history.

3. A slide show of my July 2013, three-week stay in front of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt.

4. The Osiris and Isis death and resurrection myth.

5. The Egyptian Mysteries.

The lecture went well, I think, and inspired some to further research. Others expressed great interest in another lecture, focused more on the Egyptian Mysteries.

I enjoyed it! Although there were some technical difficulties, I don’t think there’s anything about ancient Egypt that could be boring. With some further research, perhaps I can work up a series of lectures, with this first one serving as an introduction to the world’s first civilization.800px-Great_Pyramid_Diagram.svg