The Harmony of Isis ~ Chosen as Goodreads group “Author Promo Co-op” Book of the Month: Historical Fiction!

Hello everyone!
I’m thrilled that my book, The Harmony of Isis, was chosen as the Book of the Month for Historical Fiction by the Goodreads “Author Promo Co-op” Group. If you enjoy digging your feet into ancient sands, this blend of history and fantasy will pull you in.

Museum curator Maggie learns, through a series of lucid dreams, the true story of Egyptian goddess Isis, her husband Osirius, and his wicked rival, Typhon. Maggie learns that she is a “harmony” chosen to help Isis reunite with Osirius. This time-jumping tale brings life to a long-neglected part of human history with a vivid and seamless window into the past.

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I hope you enjoy my story!
Catherine M. Walter

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