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Author Spotlight-Catherine M. Walter

I’m so excited that Jessica Wren Fiction reviewed my book, The Harmony of Isis, and that she liked it!

Jessica Wren Fiction

More and more, I am beginning to enjoy reading historical fiction. I am learning a lot. In a 10th grade World History class, I learned about Ancient Egypt and the Pharaoh, but never much beyond that, Until reading The Harmony of Isis, it was difficult to think of ancient civilizations in anything other than abstract terms. Walter, an anthropologist by trade, brought to life the world of the Pharaoh and ancient Egypt in her gorgeously woven tapestry of a tale that juxtaposes the ancient with the modern, the light with the darkness, and the good with the evil. She humanizes people whom we are only used to seeing in heiroglyphic drawings by making them “real” people with pain, fear, joy, jealousy, good, and evil.

Isis (later revered as a goddess) is singing a powerful “song” in order to locate the remains of her dead husband, Osirius, who had been murdered…

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Editing a Novel, featured on Penumbra zine Blog – Free!

After my story, The Path of Nephthys, was featured by Penumbra zine, they asked me to write an entry for their blog. I wrote Editing a Novel which includes helpful links to free editing tools. Enjoy!