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Kindle Unlimited and Final Days of First Edition Paperback!

Hello! It’s been a while, I know. Summer tends to pull me away. I actually started riding my bike again! It was a wonderful summer for me, and I hope yours was as well. Happy Fall!

So, there are two bits of news. The first is that ….finally…. I’ve enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. This means if you’re a subscriber, you can download and read THE HARMONY OF ISIS for free. This also means the ebook is available through the Amazon Prime program as well, where you can borrow it for free. Don’t worry, I get a royalty. 🙂

The Harmony of Isis

If you’d rather read a short story, THE PATH OF NEPHTHYS is a companion story to THE HARMONY OF ISIS. After October 13, THE PATH OF NEPHTHYS will not be in Kindle Unlimited, so read it while it’s free!

The Path of Nephthys

Sometime soon, I will be removing THE HARMONY OF ISIS from sale, paperback or ebook. The second edition will be titled THE HARMONY, and will have revised content and cover. So, for anyone wishing a copy of the First Edition, get it now or forever search for a collectible copy! Here’s the link to the paperback version:

The Harmony of Isis [Limited Edition Paperback]

Now, I’m headed back to chores and then (hopefully!) working on the sequel. For the moment, it’s titled, THE NET. With the sound of rain falling lightly and some silly movie on in the background, I hope to accomplish a lot this evening. Let’s see! 🙂