You can find The Harmony of Isis for sale at Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats!

is for sale on Amazon and
FREE for Kindle Unlimited and Prime Subscribers!

Don’t worry, I still get a royalty. xo 🙂

 If you like short stories, check out
a companion story to THE HARMONY OF ISIS.
This one will not be in Kindle Unlimited after October 2015,
so read it while it’s free!


5 responses to “You can find The Harmony of Isis for sale at Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats!

  1. Kat! I follow you on Twitter. I wanted to know more about your book and you. You amazon author page is a dead end! I had to Google you–but most readers won’t! Just saying…Go here to read about AZ Author pages. You have written a wonderful book. People are interested…I am.

    eNovel Authors at Work

    • Hi Jackie,
      Thank you so much for the interest in my book and in me and for the advice! One site at a time … I liked your discussion of the importance of the Amazon author page. I’m having some trouble with it, but will contact them.
      It is a bit overwhelming to manage all these sites. Especially with a new story starting to form in my mind, wanting to be followed. 🙂 Catherine

  2. Outstanding time-machine book that will make you feel ancient Egypt sand under your foot. Bravo.

  3. Oh, Jasur, thank you SO much for such a wonderful review! May I use it in print? 🙂 Catherine

    • Sweetie my expression isn’t that strong as I want to, on the other hand comparing with your afford and willpower in researches in hot as hell desert of Egypt my whole lexicon is a drop in the ocean…

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